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 Post subject: Maradaine
PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:51 pm 
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I like a unique concept in a book.

I also have more books than any sane person should read, and that creates a problem, since I do not read new authors anymore without being given a good reason. Keeping up with the authors I already read and catching up on the books in my library that I have not yet read is good reason not to add books to that unread pile, but occasionally an author will be recommended to me, or I will find the back of a book sufficiently enthralling to buy the book just to see how the story plays out.

And so I picked up The Thorn of Dentonhill; I could not tell you the reason, but I read it and liked it, because it was the story of a villain who was doing what he thought was right.

Veranix is The Thorn, a university student by day, and by night a thief who only steals from criminals. Precisely what makes a criminal is a matter of some thought though, since it is easy to point at the drug dealers and the criminal mastermind, but when drug addicts committing crimes to feed their habits get included, the line becomes a bit grey.

This becomes secondary to the main concern though, since Veranix also has assignments due, and much is expected of him. To fail out would both be an embarrassment for the young fellow, and for the family he has created to allow him to apply to the university.

His real family, well, they get included in the first part of the problem.

The second book The Alchemy of Chaos came out a couple of weeks ago, and I although I have not read it yet, it seems yet another drastic event gets tossed into the mix. You see, Veranix has finals approaching.

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